What is MetroSpeedy?

MetroSpeedy is a fast growth last-mile delivery software and services company with innovative solutions focused on helping businesses provide efficient local deliveries of small to medium size packages within dense metropolitan areas.
MetroSpeedy utilizes its multiple micro-hub model, innovative logistics software – “SpeedyNet” - and its uniquely designed eco-friendly delivery vehicles – “Speedy”- to ensure close proximity to end users and rapid fulfillment. MetroSpeedy connects you to a driver within minutes. Request a Speedy and get anything delivered for your business through our app. Get started today.
Our Speedy’s are our uniquely branded, eco-friendly, pedal-assist cargo cycles. They have over 50 cubic feet of cargo space and up to 500 lbs of load capacity.
MetroSpeedy delivers items across all industries, including but not limited to, Grocery, Meal-kits, Catering, Pharmaceuticals (both human and animals), Specialty Pharmacy, Medical Equipment, Dry Cleaning, Laundry, Florists, Fashion Retailers, Legal Services - Documents, Small Electronics etc.
MetroSpeedy provides same day, scheduled and on-demand deliveries within its coverage areas. MetroSpeedy also provides RUSH service and handles special deliveries upon request.
It’s exactly what it sounds like — you place an order, and we deliver it in less than an hour!
Yes! Our platform provides your business easy access to a custom dashboard that allows you to create, manage and track same day, scheduled and on-demand deliveries in a few easy steps.
MetroSpeedy delivers to all areas in Manhattan, Brooklyn, Bronx, Queens, Staten Island, Westchester County and parts of Long Island, New Jersey and Connecticut.
MetroSpeedy looks specifically for drivers who take ownership and pride in every aspect of their vehicles and the experience they’ll create for our customers. Driving for MetroSpeedy requires a commitment to service excellence.
Cash tips are allowed and much appreciated! Tips are not accepted on our platform. We ask that business partners who accept tips for delivery drivers on their platform provide details during their partnership onboarding process.
Contactless delivery means that your items are placed on your customers’ doorstep, lobby, or any safe, agreed-on location so that human to human contact is limited as much as possible. The driver sets your order up at your door, eliminating the need for direct contact. The driver knocks or rings your doorbell, then steps back 6 feet so you can collect your order. There's nothing to sign.
Yes! Our routing algorithms allows us to optimize and handle multi-stop deliveries fast and efficiently.
MetroSpeedy delivers packages up to 50lbs.
We can pick up your items within minutes and have them delivered within the service level agreement.
There are no fees to use our platform if you use MetroSpeedy as your Delivery Service Provider. Delivery fees apply. Software fees may apply based on your business needs.
MetroSpeedy offers a REST API web service for IT friendly developers to programmatically interact with MetroSpeedy's data and real-time delivery management functionality. The complete API documentation is available here. MetroSpeedy offers API wrappers and open-source tooling to simplify the development process. Building an integration just got easier.
You can track your driver in real-time and get an estimated time of arrival directly from your custom dashboard. You can also call or text your driver with any questions or concerns.
Contact our customer success team at [email protected] or ask your customer to simply respond to the track your driver text received. One of our customer success team members will reach out and assist.
MetroSpeedy provides free standard insurance up to $100 of the value of the lost or damaged items (if the items were destroyed, lost or stolen under the control of the Courier, its employees or contractors, or based on a wrongful act or omission of the Courier, its employees or contractors, in performing the Services). Enhanced Insurance Coverage is available for an additional per delivery cost for delivery limits upto $2,500. View Enhanced Insurance Coverage Rates Here. Enhanced Insurance Coverage must be purchased prior to pickup.
Yes! Pickup or Delivery requests may be cancelled anytime prior to pickup time. If a Courier picks up a package for delivery, and you would like to cancel the delivery request, please contact our customer success team immediately at [email protected].
Free cancellations anytime prior to pickup. If a Courier picks up a package for delivery, and you would like to cancel the delivery request, a return fee may apply.
Not necessarily. Logistics and delivery professionals use the term “last-mile delivery” to refer to the last stage in the transportation of a package before it reaches the consumer’s doorstep. This distance might be only a few blocks, or it could be dozens of miles. MetroSpeedy has developed a unique solution to reduce this distance to 1 mile or less using our micro-hub model and dedicated Speedy’s (cargo trikes) throughout our coverage areas.
For businesses, the most pressing concern is customer satisfaction and the overall customer experience. A customer waiting for a package might track it and see that it’s “out for delivery.” But if that package continues to be “out for delivery” for a long time, the customer gets impatient and may negatively perceive the company and its brand. At MetroSpeedy, we provide 100% transparency to the customer. We allow them to track and speak to the driver until the package is delivered successfully. We optimize delivery routes and provide proof of delivery that can be tracked anytime.
Last-mile delivery presents challenges both in rural areas and urban environments. In rural areas, delivery points tend to be far-flung. A driver may go for quite a ways between each package drop-off. Although delivery points tend to be closer together in urban environments, there’s another challenge: Traffic congestion that can dramatically slow down deliveries. MetroSpeedy has developed a unique solution to solve this problem using a combination of our technology and eco-friendly electric pedal assist cargo trikes to help maximize delivery efficiency across the board.
Although the last phase in a delivery might comprise the shortest distance that the package travels, it still accounts for a significant percentage of the total delivery costs. According to Business Insider, last-mile delivery accounts for 53% of the overall shipping costs. This is why logistics expert, MetroSpeedy, has worked closely with industry experts to develop an improved delivery management system using new technologies to optimize and enhance efficiency and reduce costs.

Get started today, let us help you reduce time and operating costs so you can keep focused on running your business!